Open Studios at Winter Street this Saturday, Jan 12th

It’s time to bring in New Perspectives and Ideas! for this new year. 2013! Here we are!!!  

In light of the NEW YEAR! My studio mates and I will talk about our plans for future works of art, and we welcome your questions and feedback! I’ll soon have a few large canvases in my studio at Winter Street; yet. . . sadly, they will not be nearly done for open studios this Saturday, January 12th. But, please drop by to check out Winter Street Studio #24 – studio home to  Paula Hawkins, Matthew Gantt, and myself. There will be refreshments like usual, and we may have a DJ

*I’m very open to working on a personalized commissioned art peice for you! I would love to get to know you, and work to merge your preferences with my style!*

On a side note: Paula Hawkins, Eduardo Portillo, and I are working to have our own group show. We will keep you updated on o
ur future endeavors.

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