Resident Artist


Angela Whitford uses mixed media to navigate facets of multidimensional space. A surreal automatism technique she uses allows her opportunities and freedom of juxtaposing images to portray the essence of the elaborate dreams she records after waking.

The philosopher Jung believed that analyzing dreams could tap into one’s understanding of their unconscious self, and that our personal experiences, character traits, and feelings are projected into them.

With this being Angela’s notion, she pursues recreating those dream sequences for a better understanding of her unconscious mind, as well as explore the depths of the human collective unconscious.


The creatures in her paintings take on different personalities and traits. They range from being frightening and intimidating, to tranquil and peaceful.

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Angela Whitford has work on display at

Eyes Over Texas Eye Care, 21318 Provincial Blvd. Katy Texas, 77450

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