Open Studios at Winter Street this Saturday, Jan 12th

It’s time to bring in New Perspectives and Ideas! for this new year. 2013! Here we are!!!  

In light of the NEW YEAR! My studio mates and I will talk about our plans for future works of art, and we welcome your questions and feedback! I’ll soon have a few large canvases in my studio at Winter Street; yet. . . sadly, they will not be nearly done for open studios this Saturday, January 12th. But, please drop by to check out Winter Street Studio #24 – studio home to  Paula Hawkins, Matthew Gantt, and myself. There will be refreshments like usual, and we may have a DJ

*I’m very open to working on a personalized commissioned art peice for you! I would love to get to know you, and work to merge your preferences with my style!*

On a side note: Paula Hawkins, Eduardo Portillo, and I are working to have our own group show. We will keep you updated on o
ur future endeavors.

Winter Street’s Joyful Second Saturday, December 8th 2-5pm

Another month is here and the last of the year. Reflect on the good times and possibly share with others the joy of viewing beautiful works of art. It’s a good time to let art surround you, help encourage your own creativity, and reveal your subconscious through art.

Please visit Winter Street Gallery to celebrate our common love of the arts. I share studio #24 with Paula Hawkins and Matthew Gantt. I’d love to meet you and share a merry good time.


Angela Whitford

Winter Street Studios

2101 Winter Street, Studio 24 – 2nd Level

Houston, Texas 77007 USA

You can reach me for directions by calling 713-819-7203


Studio #24 at Winter Street Studios is Open for Public Viewing 2-5pm this Saturday, November 10th.

Come view my art and see what artists do behind closed doors! There is another show on display in the hallway, but please don’t miss out coming into our studio, #24 on the 2nd floor. I not only will have my paintings on display this month; I’m featuring some of the jewelry I have made. I hope you stop by to mingle with talented artists, and enjoy snacks and refreshments. See you soon!
Winter Street Studio #24 on the 2nd floor features Paula Hawkins, Matthew Gant, and Angela Whitford’s Art
2101 Winter Street
Houston, Tx. 77007

Open studios at Winter Street this Saturday! Stop by Studio #24

Tis another Second Saturday of the month (October 13th) Studio #24 will have artists Paula Hawkins, Angela Whitford, Mathew Gant, Kate, and Eric’s art on display. You are invited to see wonderful works, good company, and enjoy refreshments.

for sale $ 500
This collage captivates a humming bird, tied to a branch of the tree. I believe this image to be a metaphor for the feeling of being tied back in life, which we all feel at some points in our life. It is more important to be set free, and when viewing this work I hope you will wish for this humming bird to be set free.

My Studio Door at Winter Street is Open this Saturday, 2pm to 5pm

Dear Friends,

Please, come see my art on display at Winter Street Studios this Saturday (every 2nd Saturday of the month is Open Studios).
2101 Winter Street
Houston, Texas 77007
(my studio is on the 2nd floor, #24)*<the #s are marked on the floor in front of the open door*>
I will be at the studio partying from 2pm to 5pm. although (for some artists) the studio doors open at 10am
Come see some wonderful art, talk to the artists, and enjoy the complimentary drinks and snacks.
Angela Whitford
*One last thing! Paula and I are looking for new studio mates! If you want your own studio space or know someone who does please contact me by calling 713-819-7203, send me an email, or come to the studio Saturday.*